Booker, Dems want your guns

We keep telling you that Democrats are coming after your guns, and at least one Presidential candidate isn’t shying away from that.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker wants to put into place a national licensing registry while also banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

“Here we have in my lifetime more people being killed by gun violence than every single war in our history combined,” Booker said on CBS.

Gun rights lawyer Edwin Walker told KTRH there's more of this coming from the left.

“They’re going to be fighting it out to see who can go more to the left on this issue. Booker’s plan is so radical that it fundamentally changes the concept of gown ownership in America,” Walker explained.

Walker says the left’s real endgame is to ban guns.

“When you institute a gun ban you have to have a mechanism whereby you identify the guns that are out there and who the owners of those guns are,” Walker said, adding that Booker’s plan would do exactly that.

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