Microsoft has software to make voting more secure and transparent

For years, there's been complaints that the election voting process is dated and it's inevitable that modernization would happen.

The software, called “ElectionGuard,” could be used with a ballot-marking device, an optical scanner or on hand-marked paper ballots.

Public Interest Legal Foundation communications and research director Logan Churchwell said it shouldn't be an extra cost or take much to make it happen.

"You can still use the same dial up your vote system as you have had in Harris County and have had for years. Their technology just lays over on top of it," said Churchwell.

He said it's good that counties are in control of if they want to, in time for the 2020 elections.

As the state capitol and its surrounding cities have been wanting new election technology, Churchwell said Travis County could adopt new election software fast.

It's unknown what Harris County will do.

The new voting verification system software would “modernize” elections by confirming votes have been accurately recorded and counted.

Churchwell said voters shouldn't be worried about big tech getting involved because people use this type of encryption when texting on our cell phones.

"Counties are in the drivers seat here in terms of what technology they adopt or do not. But, whenever we talk about voting issues, we cannot just be thinking about civil rights, we now have to start thinking about security," said Churchwell.

He said at some point in time, the US election system will be attacked by a cybersecurity threat and American election offices need to be able to withstand the attack that day and rebuild the next day.

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