Half of us take prescription drugs; Cornyn to file bill to lower costs

New numbers are out showing exactly how many of us use prescription medication.

The National Center for Health Statistics says about 46% of Americans have used prescription medication over the last month. Dr. Omar Durani with Diamond Physicians tells KTRH that's not the number he was expecting.

“It is slightly lower than the previous study that was done three years ago. Back then it was 55%,” Durani said.

These drugs are expensive, and Texas Senator John Cornyn is taking action on the legislative side because he says drug companies abuse the system.

“We have to tackle pieces of this complicated drug pricing system; one would allow the FTC to be able to bring lawsuits against manufacturers who abuse the patent system,” Cornyn explained, adding that he hopes to have something passed by the end of the year.

The research shows the most common medication for adolescents was for ADD; for young and middle aged adults it is anti-depressants, and for older adults it's drugs that fight cholesterol.


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