Amazon is good for small business

Many think Amazon kills small business but small businesses made $160-billion last year on Amazon. There are nearly two million small and medium-sized businesses selling stuff on Amazon.

Amazon's Nick Denissen told Fox Business the average seller makes 90-grand a year.

"It's actually a million different products we're offering on the store from 20,000 different small businesses from all 50 states -- they're all U.S. based businesses and we're pretty excited about that."

Holly Rutt owns the Little Flower Shop Soap Company.

"We've grown our business by leaps and bounds, hiring new people and our business has doubled since we joined Amazon Handmade; it's been a dream come true for us."

Amazon's Denissen says Amazon benefits, too.

"Customers today already buy a lot of products from small and medium-sized businesses so we just wanted to create one more innovative shopping way for them to discover the selection."

It turns out, Amazon is keeping small businesses in business.

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