Houston sued over food sharing law

The City of Houston is facing another lawsuit.

This time the city is being sued over what one group says is a very unpopular law. Civil rights lawyer Randall Kallinen told KTRH that Houston’s anti-sharing food law is unfair.

“We are looking for this law to be declared unconstitutional so that the people of Houston are not frightened by fines and imprisonment,” Kallinen said.

The law that went into effect in 2012 makes it a crime that share food with more than five people outside the city without first getting permission from the landowner.

“Sharing food is a form of expression protected by the Constitution," said Kallinen, "Likewise, Jesus taught his followers to feed the poor and others. Why should a few downtown landowners that contribute to Mayor Turner's elections campaign dictate the law under which all Houstonians must live?"

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