Gig Workers go on Strike

To protest Uber and Lyft's payment and labor practices, drivers for both companies are not working from 7 to 9 this morning and leaving customers without a ride to work. This coincides with Uber’s forthcoming IPO. Houston isn't affected, but L.A. and New York are. Craig Lewis, CEO of Gig Wage says, "These drivers are striking before the public offering just to hit ‘em where it hurts right before it goes public." He doesn't think the strike will matter much. "NO. It’s just a speed bump. I think Uber is going to be a 100 billion dollar company in 30 days. BUT – I think it does shed a light on some issues that need to be addressed. “

He does see a closing of the gap between W2 and 1099.“What I predict is that you’re going to see all of the benefits that traditional employees find their way into the gig economy.”

Mr. Lewis is an expert on entrepreneurial ventures, paying people and many other business areas. Read his latest Forbes article here.

strike on uber and lyft

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