A Little CBD could Take The Edge Off...For Your Pet

Before you think you're going to get your dog addicted to recreational drugs, here's a veterinarian to explain. Dr. Jennifer Hennessey is the owner of Animal ER of Northwest Houston and she says,

"CBD is actually from the hemp plant – but there are no effects like there are in marijuana. So there’s no high.”

She says these items could be used during thunderstorms like last night or the separation anxiety some dogs experience. "It could reduce anxiety as well as stress. Also provides some better well being in certain circumstances.” She says it may be able to lessen some minor pain associated with elderly pets. “Primarily arthritis is a broad reason to consider something of this nature that also covers hip dyspepsia.” Again, CBD does not provide a high like its sister marijuana. Nevertheless Dr. Hennessey cautions to ask your vet what they think before you administer it to your dog or cat.

stressed dog and cat

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