How much does Amazon know about you?

Most of us are on Amazon. And Amazon might know just as much, or even more about you as your spouse.

It's what you shop for. It's what Alexa picks up when you talk to it. It's those video you watch on Amazon Prime. It’s the food you bring home from Amazon owned Whole Foods. Cybersecurity expert Robert Siciliano talks what Amazon does with what it has on you.

“They are listening in our homes. They are watching our web traffic. They know exactly what we are clicking and when we are clicking it,” Siciliano explained.

Most of us are okay with this, and Siciliano says it's because we treat it like going to the supermarket.

“There isn’t a nefarious degree of intrusion as to what they are doing and why,” Siciliano said.

Because, after all, they're trying to make money. But if they get hacked, your information could be used against you.


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