A two-year degree could get you a six-figure job

American companies and governments are under constant attack from hackers in other countries, looking to compromise security and hold their networked computers for ransom. President Trump says the U.S. is about 300,000 short on cyber security workers.

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet told CNBC we don't necessarily need Ivy League grads to beef up security.

"It's everything from people out of high school or a two-year degree to much more sophisticated people who are doing advanced threat intelligence."

Sweet says a four-year degree may be too much; she says more of those with two-year degrees may be the answer.

"We see that as a real opportunity for the U.S. to make career re-skilling and close the skills gap."

Sweet says students who aren't pursuing computer degrees need to take another look.

"I would go back to your advice to your children; what kinds of jobs will be created and what are your interests?"

Sweet says many two-year degrees can lead to high-paying jobs in the security field and those students may help the U.S. catch up in filling the hundreds of thousands of security jobs that are open.

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