More employee perks expected to draw in people

In a thriving job market, companies are making their environment as inviting to employees as possible. Today's employers who want to successfully compete in this job market have to figure out ways to appeal to the new generation coming in to the workforce, and that might include perks.

Companies are looking for ways to keep employees happy and engaged--whether that's pellet ice, beer kegs, dogs or ping-pong in the workplace.

Business strategist Mark Fenner said ideas of creating a unique culture have proven beneficial.

"So these little nuisances that they can talk about and that they can brag about and they can share in their social circles, become an important part of an ongoing recruiting strategy for the organization," said Fenner.

He said branding to employees is just as important as branding to the customers.

"Employees do gravitate to those cultures that are unique and meet their values and feel like a place that they can fit in," said Fenner.

Employees might expect to see more of these employee extras, according to MetLife's 17th annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study for 2019.


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