Food: An Ice Cream Shop Has Banana Split with Pickles

An Ice Cream Shop Has Replaced the Bananas in a Banana Split with Pickles

I guess there's a small chance this combination of flavors could taste good. And a much better chance this combination of flavors will induce instant vomiting.

An ice cream shop called the Pine Mountain Country Coffee House in Festus, Missouri just started selling a PICKLE SPLIT. It's like a banana split with ice cream and toppings and all that, but instead of bananas, it has PICKLES.

Believe it or not, the shop says it's selling really well and it's gotten mostly good reviews. 

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Taco Bell Just Started Selling Bikinis

Nothing makes me think of looking sexy at the beach like Taco Bell. Um . . .

Taco Bell just started selling BIKINIS in its online shop. The pattern on the bikini is different Taco Bell sauce packets. If you're interested, it's $60.

That's not the only summer product Taco Bell just rolled out. They've also got swim trunks, pool floats, beach towels, and a beach umbrella. 

Check out their other merch TACO BELL SHOP

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