More people lonely and aren't connecting to each other anymore

A survey finds that people are seriously withdrawn and complaining of being lonely. One in four people don’t feel they have someone to confide in and are reaching out to professional help to show any kind of emotion.

Houston licensed professional counselor Tricia Miller said take baby steps.

"If you could find one person--you don't need a lot of friends, you don't need a lot of followers, one person, one friend or family member that you can talk to and understands--go from there," said Miller.

She said back in the day there were work, church and school communities. Nowadays, people work from home, take online classes and don't need to get out to shop or eat.

She added people don't listen, are afraid of being themselves and have become lazy depending on text instead of initiating an in real life conversation.

"Taking a small step and reaching out to someone can be very beneficial and maybe be the step that you need for that day," said Miller.

The survey finds people have admitted to crying in their car, at a family event, at work, on the street and even at the grocery store because of the stress of loneliness.


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