Mainstream Media hypocrisy continues

There’s more mainstream media hypocrisy when it comes to the way they treat this President.

If you turn them on today, you see that all they want to do is campaign for Congress to impeach Donald Trump.

“Why haven’t you opened an impeachment inquiry,” Chuck Todd asked Congressman Jerrold Nadler last month on MSNBC.

But 20 years ago, with President Bill Clinton in trouble, the mainstream media sang a different tune.

“Is there not some concern that this is in fact an effort at a coup,” Dan Rather asked in 1998 when he was still; the host of the CBS Network News.

Mike Ciandella with The Blaze tells KTRH the problem for the mainstream media today is that we have tapes that we can use against them.

“You can clearly compare what they were willing to let the Presidents they liked get away with to what they are willing to let Trump get away with. You cannot get a clearer example of bias in the media,” Ciandella explained.

But, Ciandella adds that the mainstream media will simply act like they never said that about Clinton in the late 90's.

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