Hurricane season is almost here; is Houston ready?

It’s not hurricane season yet, but it’s getting close and Harris County officials want you to be ready.

The Atlantic season starts on June 1st. The Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have billboards up right now reminding you to get ready. Jeff Lindner with the county's flood control district told KTRH the sooner you prepare the better.

“The time to prepare is now. Don’t wait until June. Don’t wait until there’s a storm in the Gulf. The time is now to get your plan ready and determine if you’re in an evacuation area for storm surge,” Lindner explained.

Forecasts are calling for an 'average' season, and Lindner says we've been hit with storms as early as June.

We’ve had storms in the month of June. We have to have our plans ready and our supplies ready,” Lindner said.

And if you need more proof that storms can hit at any time, there is already a disturbance threatening Florida.

Hurricane Forecast

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