Houston Poker Rooms Raided

Two private poker clubs in West Houston are raided and shut down as part of a money laundering and organized crime investigation. Prosecutors say players were not targeted, but bank accounts tied to the Post Oak Poker Club on the West Loop and Prime Social Poker Club on Westheimer have been frozen as part of their two-year investigation...

"If for two years they've suspected they're taking a rake, then why didn't they come in two years ago? They don't take a penny out of that money."

Prime Social consultant Wayne Dolcefino tells our TV partner KPRC Channel-2 he doesn't believe the people he knows have engaged in any wrongdoing.

Players like Sean Maggio say they showed up for a game and found police cars filling the parking lot.

"Nobody seems to know anything right now, so that's kinda why I came over here to try to find out."

The clubs cropped up after supporters say they found a loophole in the Texas law. The clubs take no money from the games - called a rake - which would be illegal. They instead charge a membership fee, and players pay for a seat at the table.

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