Lanes on I-45 reopen after deadly chain reaction crash overnight

One person is dead after a fiery chain-reaction crash that has left the road scorched and all southbound lanes of the North Freeway that had been shut down in the area are now open

According to police, this happened around 1:15 a.m. this morning on the North Freeway near East Tidwell Road in the in the Northside area.

Police said the driver of a car going southbound on the freeway somehow lost control of the car and slammed into a retaining wall.

The accident caused a chain reaction and a second vehicle slammed into the first vehicle and spun around before fleeing the scene, authorities said.

Police say that as the second vehicle left, the first vehicle started to catch fire and was hit by a third vehicle on the side and both vehicles were fully engulfed by the flames.

Officers said they could not recognize the gender or race of the person who was killed in the crash due to severe burns, but witnesses told them it was a man.

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