Trump wants tougher asylum rules

President Trump is trying something different to help stem the tide when it comes to the situation at the border.

This week, the President directed officials to toughen up rules for asylum seekers. His ideas include an application fee and barring those who came here illegally from working until claims are approved. Bob Price with Breitbart told KTRH there's an endgame here.

“He’s trying to make changes where he can, with the intent that if you break something the Democrats don’t like, maybe they’ll pass legislation to fix that,” Price explained.

Opponents say this hurts people legitimately seeking Asylum. Price says that argument is flawed.

“Mexico offered them asylum and they rejected it. The vast majority that have been interviewed said their goal is to get to the United States,” Price said.

The President signed a memo directing the Justice Department and DHS to introduce new asylum regulations within 90 days.

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