Jobs coming to Houston from new Ford facility

By the end of the year, a new Houston Ford facility will hire hundreds of people.

Ford Motor Company Global Contact Centers director Brad Brownell said Houston was chosen, in part, because it is the heart of truck country.

“Today, we’ve identified an outstanding facility here in Houston and we’ve fit it for a contact center with over 500 workstations,” said Brownell.

He said it will bolster local and state economy.

“Adding close to 500 jobs will definitely be a win for all four-the local economy, as well as having the operations taking up half the floor in this facility,” said Brownell

The Houston facility will serve as a prototype for future customer service centers for Ford.

The new center will initially focus on customer service for truck customers.

Next week, a new Ford facility in Houston will start handling open cases for truck customers.

In June, the phones will go live and they'll start with an F-150 focus team of 196 agents who will handle customer from beginning to end with no transfers or handoffs.

By the fall, they'll be ramping up additional vehicle lines.

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