Expect a large rise in the number of foreign-born Americans

We know illegal immigration has been ramping up recently. But the Census Bureau forecasts one in six Americans will be foreign-born by 2060 because of **legal** immigration.

Pew researcher Jeff Passel says they expect even more.

"We actually expect a somewhat higher percentage of foreign-born in 2065; my recollection is it's close to 19%."

Passel says legal immigration has outpaced illegal immigration for years now.

"For the last several years the number of legal immigrants coming has been bigger than the number of unauthorized immigrants coming."

Passel says the Census Bureau doesn't make note of how immigrants get here.

"They're not looking at a mechanism of entry; they're just making an assumption about how many immigrants will come to the U.S. in the future."

But there's no shortage of illegals. Homeland Security reports more than 300,000 were apprehended at the border from January to March alone, with almost a third of those coming in March.

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