Socialist Bernie Sanders tries to put Disney in a mouse trap

Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders says Disney should share its record-breaking "Avengers" movie profits with all of its workers. But he's not calling on the stars of the movie to share in the pain.

KPRC 950 host Ken Webster of Pursuit of Happiness Radio says Disney workers are doing okay.

"Disney's union head has actually negotiated a deal so that Disney employees get $15 an hour minimum wage -- that's higher than a lot of other companies. Bernie Sanders knows what he's doing here; he's being intentionally misleading."

Webster says Sanders is being a hypocrite.

"Bernie Sanders isn't calling on any of the Disney TV stars or movie stars from Hollywood to donate some of their paychecks and the reason why is they generally tend to vote democrat and he knows that."

Sanders' supporters also say its obscene Disney CEO Bob Iger makes so much money. But Webster says Iger is one of the reasons Disney is dominating at the box office.

"Disney's CEO makes that much money because he's helping Disney to earn money; he's earning his paycheck and if he wasn't the people on the board at Disney would get a new CEO. If Bernie doesn't like it he should buy stock or just don't spend money at Disney."

Disney movies now have 12 of the 13 highest grossing weekends of all time.

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