People are leaving a lot of their vacation time on the table

A study finds that 13 percent of people won’t take their quarter of their vacation and four percent won't take any of their vacation.

Burnout is a real thing.

Internationally-known personal development, success coach and author Kelly Accetta said there's detrimental effects to not taking vacation time.

"People don't really understand that we will work and perform better if we take those days off," said Accetta.

She said set boundaries with bosses and colleagues who pressure you to keep working.

"Before going on a vacation, just share with them that 'I will be better when I come back than you see me, if you let me take a break. And, no e-mails, no texts. I am unavailable'," said Accetta.

She said the Europeans have it right. They typically take August off.

In 2017, Americans gave up 212 million days off--about $62 billion in "lost benefits".

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