Majority against impeachment according to new poll

It seems like the only people who want to see President Trump impeached are the ones you see all the time on MSNBC and CNN.

New polling from the left leaning Washington Post shows almost 60 percent are not in favor of impeachment, which doesn't surprise U-H's Jacquie Baly.

“We want to put it aside. It’s time to move on,” Baly stated.

But the vocal minority seems to have trouble getting the message.

“The fact that the numbers don’t support it right now doesn’t mean that much,” Tom Steyer, a Trump critic, said on MSNBC on Monday.

Baly says there will be more like Steyer out there.

“You are going to have some people who are going to continue to pander to this 30% who have this hatred for our President,” Baly explained.

And you can expect them to be featured by the mainstream media up until the election next year.

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