The Mall lives!

If you think the younger the shopper, the more he or she shops only online, think again. A study claims 95% of Gen-Z kids go to malls.

The study found most of the kids prefer to shop at an actual store.

"They want to have a good experience; it can't be the same old design and layout at the store you had five years ago."

George Kelemen at the Texas Retailers Association says brick and mortar stores have to redesign their physical presence.

"It's that constant refreshing of the experience -- making the shopping experience in a holistic way, whether you do it online or you do it online and in the store, as exciting and innovative and creative as possible."

Kelemen says the stores that will do the best are those that can balance their digital and retail presence.

"It's not necessarily only Gen Z -- although it appears that's going to be a pretty big benefit as this part of the population continues to grow -- but it's also a general kind of theme for just the way people shop now."

The study found the kids like to have stores designed for them and they like stores that can customize clothing and jewelry at the time they buy it.

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