Houstonians are stressed and angry

Americans have stress. We are ticked off. And the situation isn’t getting any better.

More than half of you said you experienced stress. And about 25% of you said you felt angry "a lot" Speaker and trainer Julie Nise said this doesn't make sense given the current state of things.

“Most of us are walking around like spoiled brats. We have a fabulous economy. We have a wonderful President. We are getting a stronger country every day,” Nise explained.

But she thinks she knows why we feel this way. The mainstream media is contributing to our stress by telling us how bad things are.

“The Fake News is worse than bad. It’s actually insidiously damaging,” Nise stated.

According to Gallup, the 55% of us saying that we're stressed out is 20 points higher than the global average of 35%.

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