Proposed Texas law would let state sue Facebook, Twitter

We talk about how social media is biased against conservatives all the time. One Texas lawmaker is trying to do something about it.

State Senator Bryan Hughes has sponsored a bill that would allow the state to sue social media platforms over free speech.

“Social media companies are not treating people fairly. They say they have objective rules, but they apply them subjectively,” Hughes told KTRH.

Hughes says something as simple as a picture he took of a sunset got on the wrong side of Facebook.

“I put it on Facebook with a verse from Psalms. It talks about His glory, creation and the heavens. I tried to promote that and Facebook wouldn’t let me do it,” Hughes explained.

C.J. Grisham of Open Carry Texas testified supporting the bill.

“The problem that we have right now is that social media is cracking down on conservatives and conservative groups like mine,” Grisham said.

The bill has cleared the Senate and goes to the House.

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