Democrats won’t stop talking impeachment

The Democrats control one chamber of Congress, but instead of using that power to try and help solve the country’s problems, they are focusing on something else.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said all they seem talk about impeaching President Trump.

“I believe Congress should take the steps towards impeachment,” Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said earlier this week.

That same sentiment has been expressed by many others, including Senator Elizabeth Warren. Steve Hilton at Fox News says that is their only agenda right now.

“They are prepared to do anything if it helps take down Trump,” Hilton stated over the weekend,

Political analyst and CEO of Annandale Capital George Seay told KTRH the Democrats are only out for themselves.

“They are constantly thinking about how to eliminate, eradicate, and burn to the ground, their enemies,” Seay said.

And you shouldn't expect it to stop.

“It will continue through 2020,” Seay explained, adding that it’s because the mainstream media has given the issue so much attention.

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