Texans may opt for big body tonight

The Houston Texans, at the moment, have the 23rd pick in the first round of the NFL Draft, which is being held tonight in Nashville.

Things could change between now and then if a trade opportunity presents itself. But if Houston holds on to the pick, most of the national experts expect the team to select on offensive lineman to help protect quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Of course that’s what the national media expects. But GM Brian Gaine and Head Coach Bill O’Brien will be making the pick. And what they are planning to do might be different.

“We want good football players. We want the best football players we can find,” Gaine stated. “We want good people who love playing football and embrace the process.”

While Gaine won’t come out and specifically say the team is going to draft for need, he certainly implied that would be the case.

“The game boils down very often to matchup football. It really boils down to matchups,” Gaine said.

Watson was sacked a league high 62 times last season.

Deshaun Watson running 1600

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