Aggies Discover Ancient Human Ate Rattlesnake Whole

It was in the poop.

Texas A&M archaeologist Elanor Sonderman led a team examining remains from a dig in southwest Texas found fossilized human excrement from 1500 years ago indicating someone ate a whole rattlesnake.

Didn’t skin it. Didn’t cook it. Just down the hatch. The whole thing. Even the fangs.

It was the researchers first evidence of human consumption of venomous snake, eaten by an ancient native American culture pre-dating Navajo tribes who moved into the Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado region some five-thousand years later. They surmise the individual may have swallowed the rattlesnake as part of religious ritual, or possibly on a dare.

They were not able to determine if the act was preceded by the words, “Hold my beer and watch this.”

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