Three Senate bills get heard today

Today, the Senate Finance Committee hears three bills of interest to Texas gun-owners that would make some guns and related items tax-exempt.

Safety Book is a fake book that stops bullets, including most common rifle rounds.

The Houston company's founder Jason Miller says the book would be tax exempt under these bills.

"It gives the legislature the opportunity to, in a sense, put their money where their mouth is by not collecting money on safety equipment," said Miller.

Gun laws expert Alan Korwin says the three gun bills would help protect second amendment rights.

"You shouldn't have to pay taxes on constitutionally protected property," said Korwin. "It would change the taxes you pay, or eliminate them, when you buy guns, gun accessories, ammunition, hunting supplies, either during a period of time or permanently which is a great idea."

SB 203 by Sen. Huffman (R) Relating to sales and use tax exemption on firearm safety equipment such as gun safes.

SB 457 by Sen. Creighton (R) Relating to an exemption from sales and use taxes for firearms and hunting supplies the last weekend in August.

SB 61 by Sen. Zaffirini (D) similar to SB 203, exempting firearm safety equipment and safety materials from sales tax. 

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