Watch for Shooting Stars Tonight

The skies over Houston could light up tonight.

Though the annual Lyrid meteor shower will peak Tuesday morning, parts of it could still be visible late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Experts say very early morning hours and late evening hours between 9 p.m. and midnight are the best opportunities to catch sight of the burning meteors, also known as "shooting stars."

Those times will also see the appearance of earthgrazers, which are longer, slower meteors that leave a glowing trail for a few seconds after.

On average, the Lyrid meteor shower has ten to 20 meteors per hour during its peak, though visibility fluctuates. Lyrid, named after the Lyra constellation, occurs when the Earth's orbit crosses paths with the Comet Thatcher as it loses peaces of itself in our atmosphere. Open areas are always the best places to view a meteor shower.

Meteor in night sky falling over ocean

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