San Antonio Won't Budge on Chick-fil-A Ban

The San Antonio City Council sticks to their guns. 

There will not be a second vote on an airport concession contract, which banned Chick-fil-A over what critics call its "anti-LGBTQ" legacy. The company has contributed to charities that support traditional marriage. "Who's next? If you donate money to a cause to support Israel, are you going to be targeted in the future?"

Councilman - and Mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse tried to get the ban overturned, warning that it paints the city in a bad light. "It will speak to hundreds of thousands of residents and what we are trying to convey, to use the mayor's words as he opened the debate, that... "nobody will be turned away.""

The Texas attorney general's office is promising an investigation to determine whether the company's religious rights have been violated.

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