Texas lawmakers trying again to outlaw 'palcohol'

Currently a house bill is pending in committee to ban powdered alcohol, which comes in little bags and can be added to any liquid to make an alcoholic beverage.

State Rep. Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin) authored HB 1610, which would ban palcohol in Texas as of Sept. 1.

In Texas, to make powdered alcohol, or palcohol, you need a TABC permit and possibly Distiller’s Permit.

Similar proposals to ban palcohol in Texas have died in past legislative sessions.

Nearly three dozen states already have banned the sale or use of powdered alcohol, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Addiction expert Michal Molthan said this would be deadly to those underage.

"One word. It is deadly. This is going to be a craze. It's going to be the thrill of the deal. It's going to be the thrill of trying to get it. Having it. Having it in your pocket, you know a status symbol. It will be the new street drug," said Molthan.

He said parents need to be aware that palcohol is a deadly substance.

"This is just another piece of candy on the shelf for the people who, you know, want something to change the way they feel," said Molthan.

He said there's no need for palchol and hopes it is banned.

Palcohol is currently not sold in Texas.

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