Support Growing to Send Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities, States

President Trump's threat to move illegal aliens to sanctuary cities and states, and immediate resistance from places, shows what hypocrites the left and Democrats really are.

If House Democrats won't help close the asylum loophole or fund the proposed border wall, some say the Trump administration should use the nuclear option and send illegal aliens north to sanctuary states.

Maria Espinoza heads The Remembrance Project, which advocates on behalf of families of Americans murdered by illegal aliens. She points out, officials in New York, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon have already shown their true colors.

“Look at Mayor Bill De Blasio, he is threatening a lawsuit if President Trump goes through with this in sending what they in the past welcomed,” she says.“They even created slush funds for illegal aliens and said all are welcome here, come here we’ll take you.”

“They’re wanting the rest of us to live and suffer through their far-left policies that they are implementing, yet they don’t want it for themselves.”

Espinoza says recent polling shows even Latino voters are siding with the president on this issue.

“His popularity will continue to rise because people understand he is for the average American and these far-left Democrats, their policies are ruining our country.They can see it in their own community.”

Meanwhile, roughly 100,000 illegal aliens are storming the southern border every month.

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