Right now it's a whitewash for Democrats

You might expect Democrats to nominate a young, black, transgender Socialist to challenge President Trump in 2020, but right now the polling leaders are old, white men. What's up with that?

Will Marshall is the founder of the Progressive Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

"We're at the beginning of what's going to be a long, kind of a 500 lap NASCAR race and everybody ought to chill, take it easy and enjoy the show."

Marshall says Democrats have a lot of 2020 hopefuls, representing just about every ethnicity.

"Particularly compared to Republicans, who really are the 'white men's club,' this is a diverse picture."

As of now, there are 18 Democrats who've announced a run for the White House.

Marshall says voters aren't worried about diversity.

"They're looking at the field and they see a diverse array of candidates from which to choose; but in the end it's about what the candidates are saying, what they stand for, what their values are, more I think than their skin color or their gender."

Marshall says it's too early to worry about 2020 and someone will likely emerge who isn't even in the mix now.

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