European Internet is Changing

The European Union is taking on the internet!

A copyright overhaul for the European internet has been approved. The European Union aims to give more protection to artists and news organizations.They are making sure copyrighted material is uploaded only with the permission of its creator. Attorney Byron Henry with Law Firm Scheef and Stone, explains it this way. "According to the EU, they are trying to level the playing field between individual users,artists and news sources and any company that has a gateway to the internet."

Not everyone in Europe thinks this is such a good idea. "There are detractors who say this will stifle creativity and freedom--- or create internet police and keep legitimate content off the internet," says Henry. He doesn't think it is going to be easy to enforce. "If there are people who can’t use the platform --- I’m sure they will revolt! If they are smart, the powers that be will enforce this in a way that it doesn’t become ridiculous."

What will it mean to internet companies and users here in the U.S.?

Henry says it won't affect our internet postings here in the U.S. "There is not any requirement that anyone HERE has to follow these protocols, but it certainly is a step in the direction of the government putting down a heavier hand on the internet."


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