Border Delays could ruin shopping

The long delays to cross bridges into Texas are mostly bad news for border retailers, who count on lots of Mexican business during Holy Week. Some shoppers are having to wait hours to cross.

It's actually good news for a new mall in Laredo, where the long lines are resulting in more foot traffic.

"So, we actually see maybe an hour or less delay for them and then, they're here."

But other Texas retailers, who rely on the business Mexican shoppers give them this time of year, are worried the long lines will keep shoppers away.

The lines are long for everyone at the border, including these truckers in Laredo.

"Every time we can't cross it's thousands of dollars we lose; it's bad and it's going to get worse. I'm tired; we're two drivers but it's hard for us."

Lots of Texas retailers worry they won't shop across the border if it takes hours to cross.

Hundreds of federal agents have been diverted from their usual bridge duties to respond to the surge of Central Americans flooding the border.

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