Is There A Law Against That?!?

We’ve all seen things driving around on the Gulf Freeway or the Katy Freeway and done a double take.

“That ain’t right,” we mutter, shaking our heads collectively. “Outa be a law.”

That car that's towing three cars behind it. Officer, is that legal?

“You’ll see some vehicle, even two or three of them, being towed by another vehicle.There is a sign on them that says “Vehicle in Tow,’” says Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Neils when asked by KTRH News what a listener to Houston Morning News asked us to check up on. “There’s nothing against the law with that. Do I think it’s very safe? I don’t think so, but it’s not against the law.”

Okay, Sheriff, how about that white Toyota pickup truck packed to the rafters ten feet high with three couches, four mattresses, two dressers and the kitchen sink?

“As long as the loads are secure it’s not against the law.They just want to make sure that the load isn’t taller than the lowest bridge they’re traveling under. It’s not against the law, but you have to make sure that your load is secure.”


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