Do You Have 5G on Your Phone?


The simple answer is no, though reality is a little more complex. Even if you live in Houston, where pioneering, historically important 5G technology was introduced last year, on your phone, no.

President Trump made Oval Office comments Friday about his commitment to winning the global race to dominate 5G technology.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai also made an announcement about an upcoming spectrum auction to ensure U.S. leadership in 5G.

And if you look at your iPhone where it used to have LTE is may now read 5G if you have installed the latest 12.2 iOS Apple program update.

Your phone is now ready to read 5G, but 5G isn’t ready for your phone yet, and Apple isn’t ready yet. They just have the read-out on the phone ready. While all the signs indicate a leap into warp speeds 100 times faster than 4G is tantalizingly close, we’re not there yet.

Houston was among AT&T’s designated cities to get the technology last December when trial usage began, and with a proper router if you are situated near a properly equipped cell tower, you can access it and watch movies effortlessly, says Houston AT&T engineer Frank Jackowski, “It’s going to provide our customers who adopt 5G technology in the Houston area faster speed.”

Yipee, but in the meantime we feel stuck in a perpetual Christmas Eve mode of waiting for the presents.

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