Watch Out for Tax Scammers!

As THAT DAY (April 15th) approaches, you're not the only one looking for some extra cash. You're looking for a refund of taxes you have already paid. Tax Scammers are looking for ALL YOUR MONEY! It's an anxious time and experts say scammers will try to use that post-tax-day period to take advantage of taxpayers' anxiety.

The Federal Trade Commission warns that most scammers pretend to be an agent from the IRS and say

  1. You got a refund by mistake
  2. Try to intimidate you into paying a tax bill with a credit card

Officials from the National Consumers League add that there are many red flags that indicate if you are being targeted by an IRS scam.

  1. In general, the IRS does not make phone calls,
  2. Leave threatening messages,
  3. Advise using gift cards to pay tax bills,
  4. Never calls immediately after Tax Day.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind so you don't become another addition to the list of consumer complaints.

tax scam

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