Accused Toll Jumper Caught with License Flipper

A man who police say owes thousand of dollars in unpaid tolls is arrested on the North Sam Houston Parkway.

Harris County Precinct Four Constable Mark Herman says they found a license plate flipper in the car belonging to Preston Cody Talbot, telling our TV partner KPRC Channel-2, “It was basically a wire that went through the trunk into where he had access to engage the device.”

Investigators say Talbot was using the device to avoid paying tolls.Further investigation reveals he owes more than $5.400.

Possession of a license plate flipper is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to 200-dollars.

Deputies reportedly used technology to catch Talbot, saying they knew the approximate time of day he would pass through the area.

Talbot was taken to the Harris County Jail, but is currently free on bond.

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