When it comes to robocalls, it's going to get worse before it gets better

Not only can scammers make it appear their number is your phone number, they can generate a voice that sounds like one of your friends. The good news is all of this is illegal and there are ways to stop it.

Nomorobo founder Aaron Foss says we've got protocols that will stop crooks from fooling your caller-ID.

"STIR and SHAKEN -- companies and people will verify they are the people that are making calls from those phone numbers."

AT&T and Comcast have tested those protocols to make sure only verified numbers can use their networks; subscribers could choose to automatically reject any unverified numbers. Foss says you'd still benefit from having his service.

"We have a blacklist of over 1.4-million known robocallers; we're detecting over 1,500 new numbers a day."

Foss says with AT&T and Comcast rejecting calls from unverified numbers and his "Nomorobo" service, the bogus calls are a thing of the past.

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