Red Raider Fans Set Streets on Fire

The streets of Lubbock were aglow Saturday night as crazed college students took the streets celebrating their team’s first ascension to a national championship game after Texas Tech beat Michigan State in the NCAA Final Four tournament 61 to 51.

The city of Lubbock issued this statement:

“After Texas Tech defeated Michigan State, hundreds of fans gathered & engaged in dangerous, & disappointing behavior including vandalizing property. We are proud, & excited, for Texas Tech; but that behavior will not be tolerated. We want Red Raider Fans to support the team & celebrate lawfully and responsible. We’re on the national stage so make Lubbock proud.”

Thousands of students poured into the streets and set a couch afire while overturning cars.

In an age of social media, images of students climbing light poles and rooftops were posted, no doubt much to the chagrin of parents paying for those college educations.

The Saddle Tramps rang the campus bells until midnight while enthused fans sang “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, which has become an anthem during the tournament.

Lubbock police eventually shut down University Avenue and asked the students to go home.

The Red Raiders play the University of Virginia in the NCAA National Championship Monday night. Tip of is at 8:20.

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