Houston comparable to national median list price for a house

More expensive houses are up for sale this year, pushing listing prices to record highs.

New data finds for the first time ever in March, the median asking price for a U.S. home hit 300-thousand-dollars.

That topped the previous peak of 299,000 reached in June and July of last year.

Goldwater Bank VP and Cypress mortgage planner Chris Nooney said Houston is comparable with the national median price at $290,000-$292,000.

"Continue to see year over year average appreciation approximately 2.1 to 2.2%, so we are going to be slow and steady. We won't see the hyper inflated values that the rest of the country has experienced," said Nooney.

He said price is dependent on location. Home prices drop in the suburbs.

"More of the Inner Loop areas tend to have higher values, higher home prices because of proximity to people's work. Shorter commutes mean higher prices," said Nooney.

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