Don't tax more; spend less

Congress thinks you're stupid -- and they're right; too many voters fall for the old "infrastructure" scam. Congress claims it needs to raise taxes to repair "infrastructure," which sounds reasonable. But tax expert Grover Norquist says that's simply a lie.

House democrats and the Trump administration appear to agree on one thing; they'd like to raise fuel taxes. Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says don't fall for it again.

"The problem is when gasoline taxes have been raised in the past the money is diverted into general revenue."

So roads and bridges don't get fixed. Norquist says there is a way to scare Congress.

"It is fair to say to an elected official 'if you promise not to raise taxes to get elected, you should resign or expect to be defeated in the next election if you break your word.'"

Some say a higher gasoline tax would bring in $1.8-billion for every penny increase.

Norquist says Congress will spend that on things they think will get them re-elected.

"Infrastructure is what politicians say they want to do when they don't want to build roads. If they meant roads, they'd say roads."

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