Texas Students for Concealed Carry opposes HB 1236 and HB 2280

Two House bills that seek to restrict campus concealed carry could go before the Texas Legislature.

Campus conceal carry law was passed the last legislative session.

HB 1236 would allow public colleges to opt out of the law.

HB 2280 would make “gun-free” signs smaller and easier to miss.

Michael Newbern with Students for Concealed Carry said they're more pragmatic than philosophical because licensees are usually law-abiding citizens.

"We submit ourselves willingly to background checks, we willingly undergo training and there is no moral justification to prohibit our ability to do that on property that we own, which is what public university campuses are," said Newbern.

He said there's no reason why 21-year-olds cannot carry weapons because the frontal cortex is developed enough to determine what is right and wrong.

Newbern said there's no rationale or rational argument to deny the right to students, 21 and older, who are licensed to carry concealed handguns on college campus for self-defense.

"There have been zero incidents on college campuses of theft, fatality, injury, suicide attempt, assault, or a weapon being brandished in anger," said Newbern.

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