Gen Z: They Want a Promotion in the First Year

Gen Z: We expect to be promoted within 12 months

A new study says that 76% of Generation Z expects to be promoted at work within twelve months.

InsideOut Development, a workplace coaching provider, released a study today of 1,000 members (ages 18-23) of Generation Z - those born between 1996 and 2010 - which shows their attitudes toward work, including for earnings, promotions and management opportunities.

Among the key findings, the research team found:

Gen Z has high expectations for pay and promotions

"Wait your turn" and "put in your time" may not register with Gen Z. According to the study, 76% of Gen Z members believe they should be promoted within a year of starting their first job. If that statistic is startling, 32% believe they deserve a promotion within the first six months of their first job.

Gen Z wants good managers and hopes to become managers

Gen Z is ambitious, with 60% interested in attaining management positions. More than 75% believe that a boss's ability to coach is important, with about 25% believing that it's the most important attribute. Nearly one in four would leave an organization due to a boss who leads through fear.

Gen Z is entrepreneurial

While members of Gen Z plan to work for multiple companies throughout their careers, they find themselves to be "entrepreneurially minded." While 72% of high school students want to start their own business one day, 61% plan to start a business directly after graduating from college.

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Are they going to be a more difficult generation to lead? Are they more likely to job hop every year or two? 

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