Could Construction on Hwy 290 and Hwy 59/69 Almost Be Over?

Is construction almost over on 290 and 59? Well the short answer is yes!

According to TX-DOT they expect to have to two freeways construction project completed by latest, December 2019.

Traffic and construction can always be tricky when navigating through the streets of Houston.

KPRC Channel 2 Traffic Anchor Jennifer Reyna tells KTRH, "In the meantime there are several alternate routes you can take. If you are coming in from the northwest side near 290 and Mueshke Road, you can always jump on the Grand Parkway and jump onto Katy Freeway. If you're travelling in from the Southwest Freeway near the construction by Richmond/Rosenberg area a great alternate is Highway 99."

She also told us, "Houston has a lot of new people and commuters, so be kind and get rid of all those distractions, like texting and pay attention to the people around you, because they may not know the city or area as well as you do. Also, remember when you hit the roads, pack your patience. When your in construction zones pay close attention to signage and remember when you see an emergency vehicle approach you, don't freeze, instead get out of the way as quick as possible. Another thing, check several traffic sources before you hit the road to save yourself time and headaches."

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