The liberal media is trying to downplay a good economy

If this were an Obama economy the national media would be calling for his likeness to be added to Mount Rushmore. But since it's not, you may not be hearing all of the good news.

Texas economist Dr. Ray Perryman notes income gains for more than just the wealthy.

"We're seeing the folks at the middle and lower end of the spectrum begin to see some gains which has been issue we've had for a while now so that's good to see."

In fact, it's the best income gains since 1966.

"We're past some of the natural disasters that were weighing on us; we're past the government shutdown; we're past a lot of things that can weigh on consumers' attitude."

Dr. Perryman says 70% of the U.S. economy is consumer spending, so it's great news to see us have more to spend.

"When consumers are feeling better there's not a perfect correlation -- when they feel better they spend more money -- but there is some degree of correlation there. So coming into the spring and warmer weather that probably bodes well for retailers."

Dr. Perryman says almost all Americans are better off and that's good news for retailers.

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