A.I. may know more about your Health than your Doctor

When your time is up, a computer will know about it before you do. Some hospitals now have artificial intelligence that predicts when you're going to die, with astounding accuracy.

Dr. Dean Sittig at Houston’s UT Health says they work with a lot of Artificial Intelligence programs and A.I. predictions are best used to warn a patient.

“You can’t change your age or you can’t change whether you’ve already had cancer, but you can change whether you smoke or not, you can change whether you’re exercising.”

Dr. Sittig says A.I. won't replace doctors, it's just another tool for them to use.

“We’ve been using computers for a long time and they’re good and they have their place, but they’re not going to solve all of the problems we have in society.”

And Dr. Sittig worries too much of our medical data comes from white men, which skews the data for the overall population.

“One of the problems with A.I. is that it’s based on the data we have and a lot of times the data we have are skewed on the population in a way that doesn’t represent the population.”

Dr. Sittig says the computers are making predictions based on data primarily collected from white men and that’s probably not very helpful if the patient is a black woman.

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