When the Drunk Get Going They Go Shopping

Amazon is grateful for every purchase you make, and they especially hope you have a drink or two or more before you shop.

A survey finds shoppers spend more than $400 a year beyond their original intent if they have imbibed, roughly twice what had been spent the year before, to the collective tune of $48 billion in 2018.

“This is actually a ‘thing,’” says shopping expert Trae Bodge. “People are sitting at home having their glass of wine and then they hop online and do tend to overbuy in a lot of cases.”

Amazon gets the bulk of that. 85% of drunk shoppers get a little finger happy when visiting America’s favorite online shopping hub. Ebay is the number two choice at 21%, and Etsy is third at 12.

“Obviously alcohol reduces your inhibitions. It’s those inhibitions that tell you to stop. If you’ve had a couple glasses of wine or a cocktail you just might be more likely to overdo it,” Bodge adds.

Food is the favorite choice at 61%. Clothes and shoes are the next most popular choices.

Gen X spends three times as much on drunk shopping as Millennials do.

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